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Class Name Class Description Duration
Basic DNA Discover what the world is talking about. An attainable miracle for your life... 3 Days
Advanced DNA Experience the in-depbth and powerful digging and belief work that will change your life. Understand the 7 Planes of Existence... 3 Days
Manifesting and Abundance Learn to clear beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting in your life. Learn you can Create Your Own Reality... 2 Days
Intuitive Anatomy Journey through the human body in a way you have never experienced. Learn the beliefs tied to each system of the body.... 3 Weeks
(15 Days)
Disease and Disorder Develop awareness and understanding of the complexities of the body... 2 Weeks
(10 Days)
World Relations Unlock the Mysteries of your past to spring forward unchained into the future. 5 Days
Rainbow Children Go on an adventure and learn to connect to the Creator of All That is while touching the rainbow child in you... 5 Days
DNA 3 Attain your highest vibrational connection with the 7th Plane. 5 Days
Soul Mate Call forth the exquisite perfection of the one destined to intertwine in dignity... 2 day
Soul Mate Day Introductory to ThetaHealing... 1 Day
Game of Life Transform into a successful player of the Game of Life. 3 days
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Find true Rhythm in your life! 1/2 day


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ThetaHealing® Practitioner courses are open to everyone, whether you are learning for your own personal interest and self development, would like to become a Practitioner for the first time, or are an existing Practitioner who wants to add Theta Healing techniques to your existing toolkit.