Who will benefit from a Licensed Practitioner & Master Practitioner of NLP™ Training Program?

This is a POWERFUL program of immediately accessible skill-sets for people who want to LEARN and UTILIZE fast and effective verbal and non-verbal COMMUNICATION, understand their target customers /client/audience on deeper levels & effect positive change and success in

• Business Leaders

• Sales

• Marketing

• Holistic and Clinical Practices

• Entrepreneurs

• Teachers

• Trainers

• Personal Development Teams

• Coaches

• Motivational & Public Speakers

• Parents

• Home makers

• Negotiators

• Career Enhancement

• Students to enhance their performance

• Athletes



By attending the Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ & Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™ by Amit Kohli, you will be able to realize the positive changes that you want to bring in your life and in the lives of others.

Amit Kohli (Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer- Brilliance in Life™) is Certified & Licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.


Within this course you will learn:

• Behavioral integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP

• Rapport establishment and maintenance

• Verbal and non-verbal pacing and leading

• Calibrating through sensory experience

• Representational Systems (Sensory predicates & accessing cues)

• Milton Model, Meta Model

• Elicitation of well-formed goals, direction and present-state

• Overlapping and translating representational systems

• Eliciting, installing and utilizing anchors in all sensory systems

• Ability to shift consciousness

• Sub-modalities (including utilizing Time-Lines, Belief-change, Swish Patterns)

• Omni-directional chunking

• Accessing and building resources

• Content and context reframing

• Creating and utilizing metaphors

• Strategy detection, elicitation, utilization and installation

• Demonstration of flexibility of behavior and attitude

and much much more...

How will NLP benefit you?

NLP has the power to change and help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. It will help you enhance your self image, self respect, self esteem, SELF CONFIDENCE, which in-turn helps you succeed consistently.

It will enable you

• Transform your PROFESSIONAL as well as PERSONAL life.


• GET RID OF unwanted behaviour, attitudes, FEARS & PHOBIAS.


• Improve your ability to GENERATE COMMITMENT, COOPERATION and ENTHUSIASM in the people around you.

• DEVELOP your ABILITY to tap into your unconscious mind and draw on its SUPERIOR power and POTENTIAL.

• ACHIEVE your GOALS FASTER along with preserving the good you already have.

• Assists you in running more EFFECTIVE MEETINGS

• MANAGE your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS so that you are in control of your emotions and your destiny.

• Increase your overall EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY.

And lots more!!