Types of Meditation

Many different types of meditation have evolved overcenturies and are classified in main five categories:

  1. Concentration Meditation
  2. Creative / Dynamic Meditation
  3. Mindfulness Meditation
  4. Analytical / Reflective Meditation
  5. Heart Chakra Meditation

Concentration Meditation

Concentration meditation is done with the aim of building concentration by focusing on an object or nothingness. This helps to remove distractions, allow the body to relax and mind to enter a calm and awaken state. Om meditation, Chakra meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Zen meditation are examples of this type of meditation.

Creative / Dynamic / Visualization Meditation

This meditation helps develop different qualities of mind by using visualization and other faculties of mind. This helps strengthening qualties like confidence, joy, happiness, patience, compassion, unconditional love, empathy, gratitude, etc

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is extremely powerful technique. In this meditation, focus is on being "mindful" and receptive toward any action or objects within awareness. Common mindfulness meditations are Vipassana meditation, Sitting Meditation, Walking Meditation, Deep breathing meditation, Mindful breathing & Mindful eating.

Analytical / Reflective meditation

Reflective meditation focus is on analysis or reflection on a chosen a question, theme, or topic. Knowing concentration meditation helps to do this type of meditation since focus is required on chosen topic. This is also referred as  disciplined thinking or analytical meditation. This has calming effect on mind and provide strength to change life. Common topics / questions used are "Who am I?", "What is the true purpose of my life?" , etc

Heart Chakra meditation

Heart Chakra meditation technique helps in opening the heart chakra and removes any blockages and negative energy. This meditation help to heal heart of self and others. This meditation is also called Heart-centred meditation as it releases fears and sadness and fill heart and life with kindness and compassion.


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