Simple Tips for meditation

  • Sit for silence for few minutes before the meditation. This calms the mind and lowers heartbeat and breathing.
  • Length of mediation should be increased gradually. Mediate for a duration which is comfortable to you and increase time with ease and without strain after regular practice.
  • Initially, quiet place for meditation will be required. Expert meditators can meditate almost anywhere.
  • Fixing time and place helps in the meditation process.
  • Avoid meditating while lying down as there is tendency of falling asleep.
  • Focusing on breath is a very common and easy way to meditate.
  • The silent state during meditation can be utilized as per your intent and goals. Many people use this state to connect to God, experience bliss while others use to focus on desired outcome.
  • Be aware of how life is changing because of doing meditation. The results and benefits help to sustain the practice.
  • Good posture is important during meditation as it helps in breathing easily, allows proper flow of energy and enable faster relaxation of body. 
  • Meditation is to be done gently and not forced. This leads to relaxed body along with aware and calm mind.
  • While meditating, people tend to lose track of time. To address this, people usually set an alarm / timer with gentle & soothing tone so the time is not a concern while meditating.
  • Meditation is easiest to do when there is not attachment to the results. With practice, results come automatically.
  • While in meditation, person needs to be comfortable. However, too much comfort could lead to falling asleep. Identify and use the posture and place which helps you meditate easily.

  • It is common for people to have distracting thoughts. Continue to focus, the intensity and frequency of these distractions will come down and you will be able to meditate easily with time and regular practice.

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