Sacral Chakra


2nd Chakra: Sacral / Svadhisthana Chakra

Sacral Chakra governs the sexual organs, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, middle spine and auto immune system. It deals with emotional identity, creativity, desire, pleasure and self-gratification, procreation, and personal relationships. It is situated at the base of the pubis between the genitals and the sacral nerve plexus. Water is element,Orange is color and taste is sense associated with Sacral Chakra.

  • How to know that chakra is weak?

If a person is suffering from Sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, lack of creativity, the sacral Chakra might be weak. Following Physical, psychological & emotional issues are related to weak Sacral Chakra:

Physical Dysfunctions: lower back pain, sciatica, decreased libido, pelvic pain, urinary problems, poor digestion, low resistance to infection and viruses, tiredness, hormonal imbalances, menstrual problems

Psychological and Emotional Issues: irritability, shyness, guilt, blame, sexual obsession, power, money, control, lack of creativity, morality


  • How to heal the Sacral Chakra? (Healing Sacral Chakra)

The second chakra relates to a person’s sexuality and creativity and is connected with the womb. Any creative or sexual outlet has the potential to engage this chakra - but only if such an activity aligns with a person’s genuine self.

Meditation: Chakra meditation

Yoga: Prasarita Padottanasana, Upavista Konasana, Baddha Konasana, Supta Baddha Konasana

Related Gemstones: Amber, Carnelian, Coral, Garnet, Moonstone, Orange Tourmaline

Related Essential Oils: Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood

Mantra: Repetition of mantra VAM


  • How to know when Chakra is healed and Chakra is Balanced? What are properties of Balanced Chakra?

A person with balanced Sacral Chakra is compassionate, friendly, intuitive, vital, sexual, satisfied, prosperous, having a sense of belonging and humour.