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Our mission is to bring brilliance in life of people enabling them to shine in all aspects of their lives including health, relationships, spiritual growth, career, money, abundance and evolved consciousness.

Amit Kohli is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, consultant and coach. He is a trainer and an expert of international repute in personal & business success and transformation.

He has a vast experience of working with top fortune multinationals; has enriched the lives of thousands of people, coached top executives & business owners and enabled them to attain success and brilliance.

        Amit Kohli

Author 'Brilliance: Your Ultimate PLAN to Attract Millionaire Riches, Money, Prosperity, Power and Consciousness'

Founder Brilliance in Life™, Brilliance in Biz and Abundance of Holy Living



Learn how you can use the Ultimate PLAN to Attract Millionaire Riches, Money, Prosperity, Power and Consciousness.

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Amit has mastered and taught various eastern & western change techniques, personal, business transformation and healing modalities and has also developed his own unique approaches. People experience instantaneous positive changes during his sessions and workshops.

His special approach attracts people from across the continents as he uses holistic solutions derived from ancient wisdom, combining them with his practical corporate world experience synergized with the latest scientific research.

Amit conducts workshops, seminars, personal and business transformation sessions, consultancy and coaching programs for Brilliance in Life and Business.

Brilliance The Ultimate PLAN

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He is  Post Graduate in Management (Operations & Finance), Bachelor in Engineering (Electronics), Business Excellence, Project Management and Quality Management Expert. Amit has experience of working in top MNCs in Senior Positions. Because of his unique skills of understanding Spirituality, Business Management, Change methodologies, Healing modalities and techniques, he is extremely sought after Personal & Business Success and Transformation Expert / Coach.

For years, Amit has been empowering people with his exceptional life coaching skills, extraordinary healing abilities and self improvement methodologies.

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Amit Kohli workshop

The support environment for people associated is tremendous. This helps each person to become better human being, living a life full of success and brilliance in all areas of their lives. Amit directly monitors the progress of all the students and supports in their journey of success and brilliance.

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